About ICME

What is ICME?

The International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) is held every four years under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). It is, however, planned and organized by separate committees, which operate independently of the ICMI. The aim of the Congress is to present the current states and trends in mathematics education research and in the practice of mathematics teaching at all levels. The Congress will gather a broad spectrum of participants such as researchers in mathematics education, teacher educators, practicing teachers, mathematicians, and others interested in mathematics education.

Goals of ICME-11

  1. To provide a forum for mathematics education professionals from all over the world, where they can exchange ideas, information and viewpoints and develop productive dialog with their peers. By M.E. professionals we mean to include teachers, teacher assistants, researchers, curriculum designers, textbook and materials authors, academic administrators, and others whose work and interests are strongly related to mathematics education.
  2. To provide M.E. professionals with opportunities for professional development by presenting their work and receiving immediate feedback and to establish or strengthen working relationships with their peers.
  3. To promote collaboration between educators from different countries, in a wide and inclusive manner, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion, political ideology, citizenship, or any other difference between groups or individuals.
  4. To improve the practice and research of mathematics education in all the countries represented at the congress, inasmuch as we believe that this is an expected outcome of the type of study, learning, dialog, and collaboration that the work developed prior to and at the congress promotes.

ICME History

Past editions of ICME have taken place at:

Edition Year City Country Website
1 1969 Lyon France
2 1972 Exeter United Kingdom  
3 1976 Karlsruhe Germany  
4 1980 Berkeley United States of America  
5 1984 Adelaide Australia  
6 1988 Budapest Hungary  
7 1992 Quebec Canada  
8 1996 Seville Spain Visit
9 2000 Tokyo Japan Visit
10 2004 Copenhagen Denmark Visit
11 2008 Monterrey Mexico Visit