Phone dialing to Mexico
Mexico's international country code: 52
Dialing to Mexico from other countries: + 52 + (area code) + local telephone number
Dialing long distance within Mexico: 01 + (area code) + local telephone. (12 digits total).
Area code for Monterrey is 81, for Mexico city is 55, and for Guadalajara is 33. All other area codes are 3 digits long. Area codes for the whole country can be looked up in Cofetel.
Phone dialing from Mexico
Dialing to US and Canada: 001 + (area code) + local telephone. (13 digits total).
Dialing to other countries: 00 + (country code) + (city/area code) + local number. You can look up country codes at
Sección amarilla
Public Telephones
In Mexico, you'll find pay telephones in most cities; some are coin-operated phones and others require prepaid cards that cost 30, 50 or 100 pesos and can be purchased commonly at newsstands, mini-supermarkets, regular supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, etc. (rates).
Mexico has a good highway system, airports in many major cities, and bus terminals in nearly every municipality. For local transport, most cities offer taxi and bus services. Mexico City and Monterrey have subway metro services.
Weights and measures system
Metric (for distances), Celsius (for temperatures)
120-volt system, 60 Hz. Since it is very common to find a ~10 volts variation (110-130) and short spikes, it is advisable to use a surge suppressor. It is common to find un-grounded (for 3 pronged contacts, one of which is for grounding) sockets, and unpolarised plugs. Grounded sockets are usually found in newer buildings which accept grounded (earthed) plugs. It is not unusual to find the unpolarised, unearthed sockets for which you will need an adapter. If you have equipment with European plugs you will need an adapter and in some cases a transformer.
Time zone
Monterrey is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) minus 6 hours (GMT-6), from late October to late March; corresponding to Central Standard Time (USA). Monterrey changes to Daylight-Saving Time (GMT-5) from late March to late October. (The change to DST and back differs by a week with the USA.)