Special Meetings

General assembly of ICMI.

ICMI will hold its General Assembly (GA) on Sunday, July 6, 2008.
The election of the ICMI Executive Committee will take place, for the first time, during the ICMI-GA.

Time: Sunday 6, 9:00 to 17:00
Room Nuevo Leon 3
Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown
Av Constitución 300 Ote.,


Since the mid-80s, ICMI has found it important to involve itself directly in the identification and investigation of issues or topic of particular significance to the theory or practice of contemporary mathematics education, and to invest an effort in mounting specific studies on these themes. … Built around an international seminar, each Study is directed towards the preparation of a published volume intended to promote and assist discussion and action at the international, national, regional or institutional level.

At ICME-11 we will have reports on Studies 15, 16, and 17

Concurrent meetings: Saturday 17:00 to 19;00:

ICMI Study 15: The Professional Education and Development of Teachers of Mathematics
Contacts: Deborah Ball (dball@unimich.edu) and Ruhama Even (ruhama.even@weizmann.ac.il)
Location: Manuel Martínez Carranza Auditorium 1 – Civil Eng.

ICMI Study 16: Challenging Mathematics in and beyond the Classroom.
Contacts: Edward J. Barbeau (barbeau@math.toronto.edu) and Peter J. Taylor (pjt@olympiad.org)
Location: Manuel Martínez Carranza Auditorium 2 – Civil Eng.

ICMI Study 17: Digital Technologies and Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Rethinking the Terrain.
Contacts: Celia Hoyles (c.hoyles@ioe.ac.uk) and Jean-Baptiste Lagrange (jb.lagrange@reims.iufm.fr)
Location: Polivalente Auditorium – FIME

ICMI Study 18 is a Joint ICMI/IASE Study on “Statistics education in school mathematics. Challenges for teaching and teacher' education”. They will be having their meeting at the ITESM in Monterrey prior to ICME-11 –sorry, too soon for a report, but those involved will be participating, so we can peek at advances from them, check TSGs 13 and 14.

ICMI Study 19 on "The Role of Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education" is being prepared. You will surely be hearing about it at ICME-11 so keep your antennas tuned in.

Other special events

Other kindred organizations have planned special events for ICME-11 attendees.

  • CIAEM meeting
    Reunión del Comité Iberoamericano de Educación Matemática

    Grupo Regional del ICMI, en la que se discutirán los avances del plan de trabajo y se acordarán procedimientos para realizar las acciones pendientes. También se presentarán informaciones sobre la XIII Conferencia Interamericana de Educación Matemática que se celebrará en Recife, Brasil, en julio del 2011.

  • Experiencing Mathematics – Travelling exhibition initiated by UNESCO, designed by Centre•Sciences, CCSTI of Centre region (Orléans-France) in collaboration with the French team of WMY2000, the Tokai University (Tokyo-Japan) and the Ateneo of Manila University (Philippines), and supported by ICMI and IMU.

    This exhibition is intended to show to all visitors that mathematics is “astonishing, interesting and useful, accessible to everyone, that it plays an important role in daily life, leads to many different careers and is essential for culture and development”. Visiting the exhibitions, young people, their parents and teachers have the opportunity to experience current mathematics in a playful and interactive way.

  • Contact : mldarche@free.fr and www.MathEx.org

  • UK Stand organized by the Joint Mathematical Council in the UK
  • The Freudenthal Institute, now headed by Jan van Maanen, will be organizing a presentation on the “future of the F.I. and the institute’s new accents in research and development”.
    The F.I. is also planning to have a stand.
  • APEC-HRD project: Live Exhibition of the Lesson Study (3 hours)
    Demonstration Lesson of Elementary School Classroom by Japanese Teachers. There will be sessions in English and Spanish with children and teachers that conduct their classes in the respective language. There will also be an exhibition booth which will present videos and resources for Lesson Study.
  • ATM's All-Day Mathematics Workshop

Groups and bodies within the community of mathematics education are invited to hold business meetings during the congress. Please send your requests for such meetings to the Chair of the IPC, Marcela Santillán, as soon as it is convenient, before January 20, with information regarding the estimated number of participants, number of proposed meetings (three at the most) and length (normally one hour) of the requested meeting slots. Meetings will be scheduled so there are no incompatibilities with major activities.